Beyond (Mobile) Intelligence

I think I’ve got my words now… I think. First the elements…

Then the tweet:

Bibles in hand, social network presence(s), mobile apps, SMS, etc… where do you take mobile ministry now that the intelligence is here?

Where I’m trying to go, where I was scraping around for an answer as I used Nokia’s Mobile Web Server product, where I’m scraping for an answer for MMM now, is just that…

Where does the collection of metrics (analytics), and the assumption of meaning (intelligence), go next? Where do we enable lifestyles that are healthier, economical, holy, educational, etc. beyond the blocks of stuff that we have now?

Every leader in every strata of life is dealing with this to some small degree, but I don’t know that I’m doing as great a job on the mobile side. We see the elements, and emphasize the shiny/new/weird, but are we actually putting ourselves in the position to go beyond simply replicating the past? I get that some innovations are merely small steps, but man, I’m trying to go beyond just stepping anywhere, towards stepping somewhere.

There’s more to life than mobile. And the more that I do my thing with mobile I understand this. There are elements, metrics, and the intelligence that comes from these. I’d like to move into wisdom and understanding. Because that’s where the fulfillment to this life is (for me) in doing tech anything.

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