MS Courier, Oooh (Again)

Engadget has more pics, another video and some more information about the MS Courier – a concept, tablet computer with dual screens and a pen-based interface. I really, really dig the idea of a dual-screened interface, and this is one of the best designs of it that I’ve seen (the canceled XO-2 was another). Loving the user process flow and the general UI feel. Not sure that it would be perfect, but it would be really close to it. And you know that it would be tied to Microsoft’s Azure services.

Unfortunately, I cannot video Engadget’s video with my N97 (Flash on my N97 is not compatible with this video player – uh, can I get that addressed in the next update). But, if I were going to a new device, this is the hardware target. Totally…

…the question of the moment then becomes, who is ready for their ideas of computing to be changed? I am 😉

*side note: adding links isn’t possible with MoPress, hopefully, that’s something I can figure out as I like to link for attribution; no offense to anyone who’s posted this already.