Simple Mobile Gets Another Look

Some months ago, I was pointed to the prepaid carrier Simple Mobile. While I really dug the concept and how they were going about mobile use – bring your own phone and unlimited talk and text – the part that was hard for me was the unlimited web. For me, I am mobile data centric, not just voice/text. and so Simple Mobile sat as something I’d recommend to others, but would not consider for myself…

…until now. I just took a visit over to their site and noticed that they’ve turned on the 3G aspect of their network, and with that added a new plan that gives the unlimited talk and text, with a bigger (albeit still limited) amount of data.

Its enough to get me into considering them. My issue is still the data end, but the packages they offer now are really appealing.

For example, Nokia announced a new mobile today called the C5. That mobile should be about $150 sold here in the US. That plus a Simple Mobile plan is easily a win-win for anyone. And the c5 is a smartphone.

Now, if Simple Mobile ever got to the point of a data-only offering, with a small bucket of voice/text, I just might jump. As it stands, my postpaid contract isn’t much more than their highest, and I’m limited in voice and text.

This is good for the industry. And very good for customers.