Poem: I’ve Been Dreaming, Now Awake

Reluctant to keep this long
I’ve finally gotten the sleep from my eyes
Pestered to remove the blanket and keep it forward
I’d be lying if I said that I’m not sad
She’s not next to me as she just was
Nor do I have her clinging to my voice and hand for playful protection
I’ve been dreaming of my Beloved so long it felt real
And for so many days and weeks real was the dream
Frankly I’d be remiss to stop remembering
Stop fearing
Start tearing is what would transpose
For in the moments since I’ve awaken
I’ve tossed my pillow at the window in anger
I thought it was real
I thought her embrace was real
I thought her look was real
And so far as a memory is allowed a moment to be touched
The dream was real
And now I’m awake
For sure that I was going to be there always
For sure that I would finally see what was promised
Life would be good
Life would be…
A dream realized when she and I conversed
When we traveled together across the earth naming names
A case of no more curses and life spread anew
And smiles which ensued the moments our eyes embraced
We never kissed
Never sexed
Only texted
Only guessed
And found that blessed
Are those moments in tow
But now such memories leave me bruised
And therefore forward I must go
Away from the bed
Unintended distractions for some
To me I was energized
And the love note that was given
Is what remains from the high tide of the dream beside
I was dreaming He would say
And I have altogether felt what He has
Now that I’m awake I more again towards naming
Picking passions apart until another sleep
I am destined to be dreaming until again called to be awake.

Listen to this poem (yep, that’s my voice)

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