Innovation, But Where I Want to Go

The post that I did about the Vodaphone 360 Krystal seems to be getting a fair amount of attention. And its for good reason, that 5in slate design really does speak well to how I’d like to be mobile-enabled. Thing is, that’s not all. There are other steps involved with where I’d want to be.

For example, I’d love to go back to a device with the screen size of my N800 (without all that hardware surrounding) and use something like that. Then, have a Bluetooth headset that has a few lines of information and works in concert with the voice and dictation features that I’d like for a mobile.

Then, I’d like to have my own web server with it – and battery life sufficient for 1.5 days. I’d love it to adapt to car, home, and various work modes – supporting things like projectors, keyboard, and other accessories as needed.

IT would have to be open source in terms of the OS – I’d like to learn how to play there even more than in UX. IT would also need to intergrate, not disrupt, how I work and live.

In effect, I’m looking for something like the Dell Mini 5 or Nokia N900 – with iPad-like usage scenairos.

Its not here yet. But, beyond my N97 – which I like a ton and serves me well – hence I’m typing this on it via the MoPress widget now – I’d like to get to someplace a lot more functional, convenient, and enabling. Where I’d like to be is a place where personal computing plays by my definition and grows with how I grow.