Of the Day’s Journey

Its still early in the day, and yet I feel to some extent that I’ve been walking on this present for sometime. I’ve probably done a bit too much in respect to thinking backwards, but smiles make that happen sometimes.

Of those things mobile and web, two subjects have caught my eye: comparisons of the iPhone and Windows Phone 7 Series’ user interfaces (more UX than UI though), and an interesting post at ReadWrite/Web about racism in IT.

I’ll have to come back and link to these later, but about the latter I’ll only comment: minorities aren’t underrepresented in IT if the compairson of opportunities to develop IT-centric skills are taken into account. Minorities in the US don’t get the same skills and social backings in all regions in order to be presented as the best kinds of canidates. That’s where the compairson for racism in IT should start and end. Beyond that, its more or less making a floppy issue into more than what’s needed… and this is speaking as a minority who would not want to see more minorities as much as he would like to see more technically competent folks across the board in all areas of society – not just IT.

Yea, maybe I should get back to the UI discussion, its easier to hide behind interfaces than people-faces.