Skype for Symbian^1 (S60v5) Now Out

I’ve been waiting for this since getting my N97, and now its official. Skype has released verion 1.0 of its VoIP client for Symbian^1 (S60v5) devices.

Cool that its here, not so cool in that its not integrated into the OS as the N97 was once shown to have it some months back when the N97 was initially announced.

No complaints, but I can now say that I can really take advantage of this excellent service. I see some issues – for example, I’ve got Skype entries in my mobile’s addy book, but those don’t come up in the app, so I’ve got to see about that one, but otherwise, this seems about the same as the beta Symbian release.

To download visit from your mobile or from any other computer.

Update: I did notice the same issue that I had when I ran the beta client on my N95 in that the app would not load if you’ve got a ton (1000+) contacts. Also, on a device like the N97, if you try to get load-happy and have a ton of apps open, Skype will be one of the first to be shut down. Really need to get that integration piece worked on so that these issues don’t happen so easily, but am otherwise kinda happy with this.

3 thoughts on “Skype for Symbian^1 (S60v5) Now Out

  1. Skype needs push notification when they take a call for now until apple lets apps to operate in the background even when closed. No one wants to leave skype open on their iPhone. Then they won’t be able to utilise their iPhone on any different apps.

  2. Hi Gene; I guess that would be the case with the iPhone, but other mobile platforms don’t have that issue. I use the N97 on the Symbian platform and such issues are non-existent. I could make the statement “get a better mobile” but really, its all about what Apple will allow from applications on their platform – such things the end-user can’t control.

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