MoPress WordPress Widget for Symbian

I needed something a bit simpler and visually larger to blog here with and I am trying the 99 cent MoPress WordPress widget/app from the Ovi Store. This is really a simple client. Its only meant for quick posts and comment approvals/rejections. Honestly, this seems dang near perfect for most blogging needs, though I do admit that some might want the ability to add/edit media and links to posts.

In terms of issues in these first 5min, I would have to say that the JavaScript transitions from screen to screen are too slow. The idea of fading is good, but its too slow and makes you feel like your device is the laggard and not the widget.

Nevertheless, I’m impressed for something that really is meaning to keep it simple. And for 99 cents, its not bad at all. Check it out from the Ovi Store if you are interested.

3 thoughts on “MoPress WordPress Widget for Symbian

  1. Hey – that’s a great tip – thanks! This is my first time using WordPress but it’s taking me a while to really figure it all out… I can’t keep all these options, plugins, and themes straight! But you can totally see the power. I’m guessing that installation and setup won’t take forever next time. Anyhow, slick site – I’m subscribed to your feed now so I’ll check in more often!

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