Mobile-Like Thoughts of the Day

I came home today and slept for over 2hrs. Never been that tired before right after work, will probably fall back asleep in the middle of typing this.

Really digging the energy behind Windows Phone 7 Series. Everything from the UI and the press reaction has been pretty decent. Unlike some, I’m fine with the fact that not everything about it has been unveiled. But, I do know that on the enterprise side that SharePoint and OneNote will fact big here. There’s even a long (22min) video about it. Can’t say that MS wasn’t ready to party.

Tomi wrote this great rebuttal of a piece from the Guardian. His tone can get to some folks, but man does he make a great set of points. I really need to get the time like him to spend on pieces like this. I don’t think I can write that much… yea ok 😉 Article was nearly the highlight of my day.

I like these shoes. I really like em. And you know, there are more variants out there now.

They made it 85 (soon to be 86) years. Amazing.

A challenge to simplicity in budget and communication – in church nonetheless. Neat.

Oooh, the Symbian^3 user interface. Makes me ponder a few things… most of which say”let me see something innovative, not just shiny.”

Been thinking about my BibleTech presentation. It might get really simple. Really, really simple. Just thinking about words and impact, sometimes you don’t need to say much, you know? Need to start building the HTML of the slides soon. I don’t know what kind of design I’ll go with. But I do think that I might do something interactive within the slides.

Last thought, well sorta: mobile is getting easy to me. I am starting to see lots of things that I had not seen as clearly before. To that end, spiritually, my ears are cleaner than they’ve been, and the rest of my senses are picking up the pace. I’ve had a really nice present today with everything given. I should sleep good; things are well with my soul.