Mobile Being Readied

Lots of posts here about mobiles isn’t it?

Stepping out on faith with this one I guess. Came across an IT student who needs a computer (along with some other materials) and will be giving her one of the Nokia Internet Tablets that I have. I’m planning to use it to help introduce her to open source software, more-often-than-never connectivity, and open up an ability to do some mobile computing in a manner that works with her current life situation – aka use a mobile to provoke some educational gains.

Its really a shot in the dark as I don’t know how this will go. But, I’ve got a tool and this might be a means of enabling someone else to succeed in these times.

Truthfully, I don’t even know if this tablet will even work for this person. I do know that it can, but its an older model, and the base OS is rough around the edges. I’ve got to be prepared for the questions that come with that, while also playing the role of teacher-enabler.

Once that person gets online and to this site, I’ll probably have to answer a few questions too. Better get my mobile ready for that one.


Have posted both at Twitter and Talk.Maemo about this. Basically, am looking for those companies or programs which are already teaching open source development to high school students (or beginner programmers of any college age or below).

Just looking for the contacts and the information about the programs right now. I will want to connect and see what can be done really soon. Also, if you have a mobile device which uses an open source operating system such as Maemo on Nokia’s Internet Tablets and aren’t using the device – I’d be willing to take it off your hands (if the price is reasonable) as there are a few more students that I’m looking to endow with this tech and being teaching some of those next mobile skills referred to over at MMM.