Mobiles and Education

These days, I’m probably a good deal more busy that I’d like to be. But, there’s been a persistent calling back towards education that I’ve been hearing. And its not so much me getting back into teaching, but some reevaluations towards where I’m placing my energies for others to be empowered.

For example, there was this post at which talked about using mobile and mobile web/apps as a means to break down the racial and educational divide that many African American/Black students go through compared to (some) Caucasian/White American students. And while I’m going to be one of the first to admit that this isn’t a black/white issue – I am an Af. American who has received benefits from education not because of what the system has offered, but what people have done outside of the system to make sure that I rise above it. If this were possible with something in one’s hand, it would be amazing.

Then again, I’ve been a part of that educational empowerment in the past. In one of the more recent posts at MMM, I wrote about how education in those spiritual matters needs to also step into preparing people for the realities of living faith today – not 150 years ago. If we are going to be adept with living out faith, we have to make sure that we aren’t just teaching, but teaching the right skills, knowledge, and means to understanding that will empower this and later generations to carry on when we are gone.

That all being said, I’ve been challenged on a very simple/fundamental level – there are people around me who require wisdom and tools in order to finish their education. And there’s just not enough time, money, or resources. Now, I can go back to what I used to do, splitting time between taking MMM and Craigslist, finding mobiles, and then presenting the mobiles and some skills to those in need. Or, I can take the side of looking for those who would invest in groups or individuals on that foundational level, enabling mentor and mentee both to utilize the tools in their hands to empower entire communities.

Honestly, I’m not quite sure of an approach. I do know that I’ve got some time to think about how to enable people to tell their story. When I do figure this one out, maybe what’s in the hand will truly be something that creates life where there once was death.