Snowy Letters

Either I need to move back to the MWS, or find a WordPress app for my N97 that works great when projected on a TV. THis font is small.

While I’m at it, I need to also figure out a way to capture links fro services that just don’t want to talk to each other. Google Reader links, random URLs, images and text from mobile, and keep it accessible. I think that I nearly had a solution a few times, but there’s always a snag.

I don’t do mobile, tech, work, or much of anything really for money. I like to get compensated don’t get me wrong, but really its about learning. When you can’t learn, then it doesn’t matter what the titles or achievements are, because its all hollow stuff that barely registers on someone else’s dash.

That being said, today has had way too many meetings. Somehow, I’ll get better at managing the mental transitions to each one.

The Power-that-Is has decided to make it snow this weekend. Its snowed many feet where I wanted to travel. And since its not melted, and icy things happen here, I’m staying put – for now. Saturday could be a while different story.

If you are in the market for a wireless keybard, the Apple Wireless Bluetooth keyboard is about the best one that I’ve ever had. Now mind you, I’m typing on it now, while my mobile is across the room connected to my TV. Your experience may vary… but 3months of battery life from 3 AAs ain’t nothing to sneeze at with how much I write.

I tihnk that I need to take some time in the snow, if it sticks. I’ve got a nice sized plate all over, but I need the moment there.

Isaiah 48:13 – God is really big;; we don’t measure up. Ain’t even the size of a snowflake, and yet He minds us so. Just let that simmer a bit.