Fumbling Thru the Day

Yea, that title fits really well. Its just been one of those days where I’m probably more on a man-period than I am flat out moody.

Its good though to make a mistake, and then be able to reach into a relationship towards someone who not only knows similar situations, but knows how you think in order to help you walk out of the bag. Some relationships I value more than others, and the one with that person is totally right at the top. Thanks.

Moving on past myself now, I can see clearly with the rain (and cold) still here.

A person that I admire well for his mobile work (Tomi Ahonen) has been interviewed by the website Mobsessed. Now I know of another who’s interviewed him ( I did some time ago, need to pull that off the MWS to post here).

I can see there being some benefits though to thinking more on that mobile bent. A number of threads at Brighthand, Talk.Maemo and Ideas.Symbian have pushed my brain – and calendar – in newer directions.

In the background, my mobile is in the other room getting SMS and/or email, but I don’t have the mobile web server working anymore, so I’m not able to check that out from a distance. Drat! I miss that solution greatly.

The World Cup and mobile possibilities there has me thinking. Would be nice to go really, and I’ve never been to Africa. Would definitely open my eyes up in several places that I’d fumbled in today. Going to be studying some of the marketing strategies though, I think there’s ample opportunity to learn whether I go or not.

Speaking of going, I’ve made solid progress on my presentations for BibleTech. Got something planned that should be great, but am running close to that time and haven’t finished all my reading. Have only got a few more weeks of reading left and need to nail that out.

The challenge for everyday is to stand in the midst of several streams of temptation to life and legacy. But, to do it not for those watching. I’ve got to be invested also in seeing myself succeed, not playing for the failure. To do that would be losing at life where I’ve been successful too many times. Therefore every fumble is a chance to reset goals and perceptions. And at the end of the day, I can be pleased not so much with the outcome, but that I didn’t give up on myself.