The (Mobile) Bar Is Raised

This whole living without my mobile web server is weird. I wanted to add some appointments in my mobile today, and had to take out the mobile to do it. Wanted to send an SMS, and had to take out the mobile to do it. You know, this is hard to go back to mobile like this.

And yet these challenges are nothing compared to these:

  • Nokia can sell a mobile for $27, turn a profit, and the mobile can positively be used by 5 families (not just users) – you can’t make this stuff up (read)
  • Rita from Symbian Guru can and does pull off being quite mobile, connected, productive, communal, and innovative in user her mobile devices in an area where unlimited data plans, 3G, and frankly the networks just aren’t as developed as they are here – and do it on $15 per month – dang! And I thought I was good getting my bill down to $65 from the $110+ it was. She’s the real innovator here.

Yep, I can and do try a lot on my mobile, but the bar is clearly raised here. I wonder what this will spark from my end… and at the same time, I’ve got plenty of ideas brewing.

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