N97 Update Next Week

Was just reading over at Howard Forums that an update to the N97 would come next week. Would be so awesome if the MWS was folded into Ovi – with a user configurable gateway – and was part of this update. Add native Skype too 😀 Yea, I’m dreaming, but its an update what can I say?

2 thoughts on “N97 Update Next Week

  1. Just a headsup that this update came today, along with one for the N97 Mini if you’ve got that one. Its a solid update, and actually led me to reflowing some of my main apps and features. Looking forward to raising that bar a bit 😉

  2. Would have been nice if the browser was more signifiantly updated. The JS engine, rendering speeds, and Flash-support need to be picked up a lot here.

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