Innovation is Being Incubated Here

Just finished changing my signatures at a few places online as I’m preparing for the move from Nokia’s Mobile Web Server to (a few) places. Just wanted to bookmark one of the signatures though as I think that it speaks volumes towards where I have been and where I am going:

For one reason or another, I see the moving on from the MWS as another in those times in my life where I’m going to be forced some to produce where it has been painful to do so before. I look forward to what innovations will come out of these next moments. It should be pretty exciting.

Let’s Play Computing of the Future Today

Figured that I’d carry the Apple Wireless keyboard, and use it to post impressions and be productive from my smartphone today. You know, this wasn’t possible before Apple announced the iPad yesterday (insert sarcasm-mark. Yea. Let me know when I can not spend $$$ on accessories to type (dock connector for a keyboard, come on) or plug in additional memory. The future is simpler than I use my mobile today… ok, if Steve says so.