Just A (Reflective) Question

This post is simply a reflective question. But, its something that has been sitting on my mind and heart for sometime, and a recent post at GigaOm concerning President Obama pretty much lead to this point.

Here’s the piece in the article which sparked things:

So what does it mean to have a U.S. president who is comfortable (or even familiar) with that new multi-directional, distributed reality, who seeks out his own sources of information wherever they might be, and makes connections directly and in real time, rather than always waiting for a report to be delivered or for a chief of staff to smooth the way?

And here’s the question that has permenated my thoughts daily/hourly for the past months:

So what does it mean to have believers who have instant access to multiple resource and communities, who seek answers to the questions of faith and life, evaluating sources in real-time through online and offline relationships, instead of waiting for a sermon or preacher to smooth the message

Have we adjusted to the change in how we live this Gospel?