Carnival of the Mobilists #208

Greetings to all and welcome to the 208th Carnival of the Mobilists. While I’m quite excited to be hosting the Carnival once again, this one contains a bit of bittersweet news as its also the last week that Nokia’s Mobile Web Server service will serve as my mobile platform. Nevertheless, there are some refreshing reads within this week’s slate. Here’s where we have under the tent:

We start off with two submissions from MobiThinking. The first is a while paper which talks about how Real Madrid and Everton (football/soccer) use mobile for fan engagement activities. This theme of mobile engagement is sure to pick up steam with the World Cup 2010 coming up in June, and so MobiThinking’s second submission deals with how to glean lessons from these clubs especially for those who are new to mobile engagement marketing.

Ajit Jaokar brings us an interesting perspective on the psychological meaning of mobile to younger mobile users, and why this world is altogether parallel, constant, and personal all at the same time. Being one who lives in my thoughts, I can totally vibe with this line of thinking.

You can be assured that many will be talking about the psychology and marketing of mobile Valentine’s Day weekend. From M-Trends, we’ve got some updates on the happenings with the Mobile Premier Awards and Mobile Sunday Barcelona. If you will be in Barcelona, Spain for the Mobile World Congress event, then both of these need to also be on your radar for attendance and networking.

And though this one wasn’t submitted formally, in preparing for this carnival it definitely passed as something suitable: the Vision Mobile blog has posted an interesting broach on the subject of the smartphone craze/trend and what it really looks like in respect to the total mobile marketplace. When the numbers are put out there, things get a lot clearer (pun not intended).

Lastly, I’d like to just point to my reflection on my time with Nokia’s Mobile Web Server. Having a server and hosting your connections to people and objects on a mobile is a type of enablement and control that’s just hard to connect/live without.* Its been a fun ride. For me, what I will do next needs to be a step or two beyond this 😉

Thankfully, not all mobile services have ended. Don’t forget that you can also use SMS services, such as mGive, for giving donations to those organizations which are assisting those in Haiti and other areas of need. The best part about doing this mobile is that it doesn’t take long, just text-and-give.

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