An Alternative to Nokia’s Mobile Web Server

Just wanted to highlight to those reading who might still would like to use a mobile web server on their Nokia/Symbian (or iPhone/iPod Touch) device(s). There’s a mobile web server service/solution called FineWS which is modeled after the Nokia Mobile Web Server and extends past in in many respects.

There’s a major update coming soon to it. Though it already has the ability to run content management systems (CMSs) such as Joomla in a mobile-friendly capacity. For those looking to keep a mobile web server presence going, this is probably the best option.

I’m still undecided if this is a route that I will go. In part because I’d like to keep the CMS that I have here. But, also because its a lateral move since its still running through someone else’s gateway. Ideally, I’d love to just have the gateway on the mobile myself, and from there run the server – as mobiles should be able to do.