Things My N97 Is Waiting For

Today, there was a neat announcement about Ovi Maps going pretty much completely free. This is pretty cool as I’ve actually wanted to go ahead and pay for the navigation license, but this makes things a bit easier with my wallet staying a bit more intact.

Thing is, my N97 isn’t on the list of those devices that get that updated version of Ovi Maps today (its coming soon). That’s got me thinking a bit of some other things that I’d like to see on my N97 – some of which just might be coming:

  • Built-in Skype client (don’t want another app or service to manage to get this)
  • Updated browser (better SSL and HTTPS support, adding some HTML5 and some CSS3 pieces, updated Flash/Flash Lite plugin, and making the JavaScript engine faster are my main wants there)
  • Updated Nokia Email client (needs to merge with Mail for Exchange, be optimized in speed, and get a better homescreen widget)
  • Optimized Bluetooth Wireless keyboard driver (memory leak, and would be nice to be integrated into settings so that it could be assigned to a custom profile)
  • Ability to attach a Landmark to a contact or calendar entry (replacing the location field in the calendar item much like this idea portends)
  • Ability to purchase music from Amazon, Ovi Music, and a few other places without needing a PC
  • And a bringing back of the Mobile Web Server with some enhancements (laundry list of items)

That being said, I can say that I’ve not been this content with a mobile device in some time. I know that it won’t last in the respect that greater hardware will come that will make some things better and easier than it is now. But, I think that the N97 is in a good place.

I do wonder if the the N97 can get the update to Symbian^3. That would probably be pretty darn cool in and of itself, even if S^3 weren’t so optimized for this specific device.

EDIT/ADD: I want to add a few more items to the list:

  • Mobbler to get the ability to purchase right from the app and an interactive homescreen widget – heck, merge the app with the built-in music player and I’d really be happy.
  • Gestures to the web browser for going to the top and bottom of pages, and the addition of a press-and-hold contextual menu
  • Ovi Contacts to support more IM protocols, and those Google Talk accounts of those who have a Google-hosted domain.