MWS as OpenID Server/Host

Maybe the last post was a bit premature. Since SIM cards are so small in size, I wonder how feasable it would be to turn the Presence page of any MWS site into the landing page for an OpenID Server? If you will, instead of hooking one’s OpenID to 3rd party services, they could two part that connection of the ID to a mobile device (w/SIM verification and security) as well as a 3rd party site (email, domain, etc.).

Would add a needed layer of security into online IDs, but might make some sites and people more traceable than others. Depending on some answers from Forum Nokia’s MWS Discussion Board, I’ll hopefully be able to try and pull this off. Would make for a nice solution, or at least a nice step towards pulling all those site IDs together.

EDIT/ADD: I guess this is what I get for being up so late and having these kinds of ideas. This post became a fully fleshed-out idea posted to ideas.symbian. Here’s hoping that it merits the kind of attention that gets things moving for the MWS.

I really hope this idea catches on. It makes too much sense.

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