I really don’t like these moments. But, its a reality that I have to face and plan for. At some point, in probably the next year, I’ll have to move on from the mobile web server.

I had the thought as I (finally) got to reviewing the big PDF from Nokia’s Capital Markets Day event which was earlier this month. As I looked at the extremely high level and lenghty set of slides, it became very clear that what I’m trying to do with the MWS is indeed on the right track. But, how I’m using it is no where near what will be supported later – and what will be supported will be closer to what I’d like in some respects, not so much in others.

One issue is simply the software itself. Unless I can learn how to build the Racoon server from scratch, I’ll have no direct means of simply running the MWS in a future Symbian device. Granted, it would be great if the Symbian Foundation took this project and really ran with it – but that’s asking a lot. As a user, and one really into this platform, that’s kind of my job to evangelize and develop.

Then there’s just the idea of what’s possible. Like I said this past weekend, I don’t want to engage within any more websites that ask me to create profiles and such. I’ve got a profile page/social graph, and would frankly like to allow services to connect to it and then broker my connection across the communities and services. There really should be no need for me to make profiles – nor have something like OpenID. I’ve got the server and the ability to create that myself ya know – so let’s just leverage it.

It would be a shame to see these posts go. And in terms of that digital junk we keep, it would probably be better to save it to a few memory cards and let it go when that time comes. But, there’s always this sobering feeling when the mortality of technology comes to light. Sure, one can deny it and push towards irrelevance and religious fervor. But the better solution is to accept that death is a part of life, and allow the technology’s lessons to embed something else with a sense of sensibility.