This is the story of me and a tent that I happened to walk into one day. Tents have lots of surprises you know.

I was walking along a grassy field this one day and saw in the distance a tent. It wasn’t like something that I was used to – I am in a big field after all – so I decided to walk towards it and see what was going on.

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As I walked towards the tent, I began to hear music that wasn’t familiar to my ears. At first, I thought that it was some animals playing around. Then as I focused my ears, I began to recognize the music. It sounded like something my Austrian friends once told me about. Beginning to lose my head and ears in the beat, I saw a flyer on the ground – Nokia Austria: promotion with Austrian music video network GoTV – and thought that was pretty neat. There was also something about “go to TamsS60 in the main tent to learn more” at the bottom of the flyer. I picked it up and figured that it was on the way, so I kept walking.

The tent began to get into focus and I remembered seeing something like it before, but still wasn’t sure what or where. A few minutes later I walked past this strangely dressed man. He sat by himself, beside a sign that said “Open Gardens.” I stopped and wanted to talk, but all he would say is “Data is the real issue.” I had no clue what he meant, but was sure it was something I’d be enlightened to when I got to that tent. So, I kept walking.

My feet began to get tired and I hoped that at some point to find a bench to sit down. That tent was still some distance away and I was getting a bit thirsty too. Wouldn’t you know it, some person with a bottle and new pair of sandals came over to me. Carrying some kind of shoes that I wasn’t familiar with they said, “the ‘vision and intent of the rest of your brand’s experiences that people get come from your attention to consistency. Just because you have shoes, doesn’t mean that the trip to the Carnival will be comfortable.” They gave me a bottle of water from this place called Little Springs and told me that I’ll get there soon.

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By this point I was getting really intrigued. I mean, as I walked towards this strange tent in the mist of a grassy field, I felt as if I knew this trail. As if, I had done it before. I remembered when a few friends told me about a similar experience they had. They traveled around the world in 31 days, and at the end of the time found this tent in a grassy field to stretch their toes a bit. I wonder if this is what I’m experiencing now. I can say this much; music at the tent has picked up and has me jamming.

Wow. This tent is big! I remember hearing about something like this before.

I walked into the doors of the big tent and there were all kinds of action taking place. In one corner, there were a number of groups of people, each dressed in a different shirt and passing around a ball. And it seemed like there were tons more around them, cheering and looking at something in their hands. One of the people bumped into me and said to take this guide and you’ll understand everything about FIFA 2010. I’m slightly a sucker for free stuff, and this even included games, Twitter, and some other promotional materials. Neat.

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On another side of this big tent was another one of those strange looking people. He sat in front of a door that I don’t remember seeing on the outside and said that if I were to go inside of here, that I’d find schools of people planning to be more mobile than ever. From someone in the audience, I found that his name was Hall Davidson and his door was sponsored by someone who knew my thoughts and how clearly they needed to connect.

I think that I was too into the funnel cake that I was eating, because I nearly bumped into this lady standing in front of what looked like a golden swamp. The way she was standing was different than many other people though. She was facing Hall Davidson’s door and at the same time saying that the future is changing right before my eyes. I didn’t know how to respond really. Except to say “excuse me” and point me to where I could learn more about this mobile browsing thing. She stepped aside and said “once I take a dip in there, then I’d get it.

That golden stuff doesn’t get out of your hair I tell you.

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Somehow I made it near the center of the tent and there was this fight going on. There was a young, baby-faced fighter, and another that looked trim and in shape, but was taking some knocks as well. Over the top of the ring was a sign Clash of titans: Netbooks vs. Smartphones, and apparently this wasn’t even the real fight. There weren’t many people taking bets and lots of them were saying that this was only a preview to the real fight to come later. Here I was enjoying myself and this was only a preview. Well, at least I can say that I saw some of the main event. Hopefully, I can find this tent again and be able to see the real fight when it happens.

I had to admit; it was kind of funny seeing some judges arguing. Apparently, one of the reasons that the fight was only a preview is that they were still trying to figure out what a smartphone is to begin with. None of them seemed to agree, but all were at least sitting at the same table (the table was marked “For Forum Oxford Members Only”). Wonder if the food was good?

Despite the lack of light into the tent, I knew that it was getting late and that I needed to go. Besides, I still didn’t know exactly where I was. Just as I stepped foot outside of the tent, someone pulled me back in and said, “Hey, you can’t leave here without giving us a show too.” Kind of caught off guard with the request, I tried to deny that I had anything but they kept pushing. Figuring that it was dark, I thought that it would be a good idea to imitate what I saw from some of the other performers and project some of my thoughts for a new kind of carnival tent on the wall in front of me. Suffice to say, many people applauded and some even asked me to come back and do that again. I’ll think about it.

At the door, I saw someone who looked pretty important and asked him what this was. She told me that its called the Carnival of the Mobilists and that many performers come through here. Today, they decided to take the show on the road and pitch camp in the middle of a field. Apparently, no one had ever thought about doing the carnival in the middle of a grassy field – some figured that the foundations might not be good enough. But there were others, folks that built the tent, who were excited at doing the carnival in a different place, and so they went for it. The person handed me a list of instructions for how I could become a regular performer in this tent, and told me that next week the carnival would appear at a tent in a place called TamsIJungle.

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I thanked them for their kindness and proceeded to leave. On the road back, I opened up one of the gifts that I received – a website called PEIR – according to the instructions, I could use that website to measure my impact on the environment by using location data uploaded from my phone. A team called Go Green had helped to put forth this effort and I was pleased to be included on the review. Another gift was a magnifying glass, but they told me that this would only work with certain books, and then the treasure would be easily seen. Got to love those surprise gifts.

This was a pretty good day. I even ended up with a few pieces of canvas and some pikes. Maybe I can design one of those kinds of tents that float in people’s hands 😉

Thanks for reading the 182nd Carnival of the Mobilists. Hope to see you when the tent rises again.